Switch On chooses companies that help the world move forward

Switch On is an entrepreneurial duo for mature companies. Shaping new markets through creative entrepreneurship is our priority.

Our central value is sustainability. Why develop something if it does not contribute to a better future?

Action-driven, creative entrepreneur with a passion for innovative business models

As a child, Lothar already threw himself into projects and trades. In the first year, for example, he made paper bars, which he then sold at school. In secondary school, these were mobile phones that he had bought for a favourable price on the auction website eBay. Organising group trips, parties and setting up small businesses; entrepreneurship feels like his second nature.

During his studies, he started his first real business; during the winter, he runs “SkiLi” the rental of skiwear – and equipment through e-commerce in Belgium and the Netherlands. During the summer he runs “Festivalking”, selling festival equipment in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Not sector-specific, but value-driven and problem-solving, he continues to progress.

From “Human Districts” – a company that creates the society of tomorrow – grows “HD Energy”, “EV Home” & “Brusol”: Democratising solar energy by offering free solar panels. After the last company has been sold, he wants to solve as many problems as possible at the fastest possible speed. Finally, “Switch On” is born where every threshold is eliminated. With Switch On he wants to repeat this success story for other sustainable companies.

Lothar De Keyne foto
Lothar De Keyne / Co-founder

Data-driven consultant who implements what works through research and testing

Christophe Ballet / Co-founder

Christophe first studied Marketing at Hogent and gained insight into the different media companies use for marketing. At the same time, it was immediately noticeable that most companies were much more interested in the medium itself than in its users.

Through his Master’s degree in New Media & Society at the University of Ghent, he realized that in order to be successful, you really have to put yourself in the user’s shoes.

With this in mind he started working at AGConsult. There he learned to collect, process and transform data into new ideas for customers such as Carglass, Colora, Torfs and various municipalities. At the same time he decided to help his network by offering his services as a secondary profession.

This is how the collaboration with Lothar started. Where they put their first successful project on the market together with Brusol. In less than 6 months Brusol became market leader in the residential PV market in the Brussels-Capital Region. With Switch On they want to repeat this success for other companies.