We conquer new markets with your current service or product

Deviating from your core business requires a lot of energy. While you focus on the core tasks of your business, Switch On enters new markets with your existing product or service. Lack of time, knowledge or people shouldn’t stop you from discovering new markets. We relieve you of your worries about the expansion of your company.

  • Would you like to take your current offer to another geographical area?
  • Is your offer today B2B and do you want to expand to B2C?
  • Can we market your product as a service?

Would you like to increase your turnover by expanding into new markets?

  • Wondering how we generate more turnover through your current offer?
  • Discuss your plans without commitment.
  • Learn more about our method.

Switch On conquers a new market for you!

Our method maximizes the chance of a successful launch.
Thanks to co-creation with customers, prospects and employees, we prepare the market introduction and increase the chance of success. We analyze your current product and marketing strategy. We take the positive elements into account and test them in the new market.

We are not an agency that just sells an expensive campaign, website or application.
In co-creation with future customers, we investigate the right strategy to conquer the market with the best offer and will assist you from A to Z!

Conquering a new market through our methodology

We research your current and future market

  • We take a close look at the entire customer process.
  • We examine the crucial factors of your current offer and project them into the new market.
  • Together we determine which market we will conquer strategically.

We test and launch what works

  • Our experts will start selling your offer themselves.
  • In cooperation with customers, we improve the offer for the new market.
  • Een nieuwe groeiende omzetstroom helpt je bedrijf vooruit.

We teach you how to further grow the new market

  • We share all the knowledge and tools we have gained.
  • We train your employees to sustainably develop the market.
  • Your organization incorporates the new method of growth.

Why should you choose Switch On?

  • We work close to you on the work floor and to your customers. Tailored to your organization within the available budgets.
  • We also work out our proposals effectively. After all, what could be more powerful than proving to you that it works?
  • We transfer our knowledge to your organization so that you can continue to grow in the new market.

We make your grow

  • Through research, implementation, and training we help your company grow.
  • Increases your turnover through new products, new markets or by optimizing your current offer.
  • Constructive sparring partner who goes out on his own to attract more customers.

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