We launch your new product

Placing a new offer on the market ensures the future of your company. Switch On ensures a successful launch of your new product or service thanks to a strategy based on data and co-creations with customers, and not on gut feeling.
Lack of time, knowledge and people doesn’t have to be an excuse for not innovating. We take care of your growth process from A to Z and your company follows everything.

  • Do you have doubts about determining the right strategy to place your product in the market?
  • Do you want to sell a new product to your current customers?
  • Are you looking for a partner who puts your product on the market from A to Z?

Do you also want to increase your turnover through new markets?

  • Wondering how we will conquer a new market?
  • Do you want to achieve a successful product launch?
  • Discuss your future plans without engagement.

Switch On launches in your current or new market

Switch On developed a methodology that makes the launch of products successful. We always start from the customer so that we can find the right fit between your offer and the market. We launch a new product in your current or new market only if we understand what customers want to pay for.

We effectively implement the plans we propose and do not provide theoretical reports with possible optimizations. We believe in fieldwork where reality tests the strategic plans. In this way, we develop scalable processes tailored to your company.

We pass on all knowledge and methods so that the organization can further grow the new product. We are a long-term partner and are happy to come back to ensure continued growth.

Launch a new product using our methodology

Through research and data to your first customer

  • We investigate who your future customers are.
  • We test different prototypes of your service or product.
  • We find the right fit between your offer and the market.

Doing business to grow

  • We will sell your new offer.
  • We improve the offer through customer feedback.
  • We develop scalable processes tailored to your company.

Making your business smarter

  • We share all the knowledge and tools we have obtained.
  • We train employees for further growth.
  • We evaluate your growth and train where necessary.

Why should you choose Switch On?

  • We work close to you on the work floor and to your customers. Tailored to your organization within the available budgets.
  • We also work out our proposals effectively. After all, what could be more powerful than proving to you that it works?
  • We transfer our knowledge to your organization so they can continue growing the new product.

We make your grow

  • Through research, implementation, and training we help your company grow.
  • Increases your turnover through new products, new markets or by optimizing your current offer.
  • Constructive sparring partner who goes out on his own to attract more customers.

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