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Switch On lets you grow so that you can focus on your current activities​

Place your current offer in a new market?

  • > You want to conquer a new territory?
  • > From B2C to B2B?
  • > Your product as a service?

New product or service in the market?

  • > Fancy a successful launch?
  • > External innovation team in house?
  • > Conquering new markets with a focus on current activities?

Get more turnover from your current offer?

  • > Analyzing and optimizing each customer step?
  • > Sell more through a better system?
  • > Do you want a more customer-friendly solution?

You want to grow but you're not sure how?

  • Discuss your growth plans and get to know our methods.
  • Feel free to choose for phone, mail, Skype or WhatsApp. We adapt.
  • Find out how our methods provide a solution.

Go faster with Switch On

We start from data and research

  • We analyse the data of your current customers, prospects and employees.
  • With an innovative approach we get to know your customers and the market inside out.
  • This gives us ideas that are based on research and not on gut feeling.

We test and implement what works

  • We'll go on the road ourselves and take care of your sales.
  • We test all new ideas in the new and current market until we are sure that the insights provide guaranteed growth.
  • A new, growing revenue stream will help your company move forward.

We teach your organization how to work with our method

  • We provide the right tools to monitor the optimization.
  • We involve your employees and teach them how to keep optimizing in the future.
  • The entire organisation carries the new method for growth.

Choose how far the "Switch On" goes.

We work in co-creation in which we involve current and new customers as much as possible. Both employees and management are important in the development process. How do we have the best chance of success? We agree together how often we work at your office, at your clients or in our own office. 

At your office or remotely?

Why should you choose Switch On?

  • We are not yes-sayers but your constructive sparring partner.
  • We don't deliver reports that stick on the desk, but work with you.
  • We transfer our knowledge to your organization so you don't have to learn everything again.
  • Our in-house experts work close to you on the shop floor and to your customers. Tailored to your organization within the available budgets.

We make your grow

  • Through research, implementation, and training we help your company grow.
  • Increases your turnover through new products, new markets or by optimizing your current offer.
  • Constructive sparring partner who goes out on his own to attract more customers.

Contact us

Mail us: info@switchonnow.be

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